I've been v-e-r-y lax in keeping this blog updated. I'm going to try to do better.

The beginning of summer brought some changes to our lifestyle. The Ladies weekly Precept Ministry Bible Study dismissed for the summer and will resume in September. We completed 26 weeks of Genesis (the entire book) and what outstanding study it was - from Creation to the life of Joseph. We'll start with Exodus in the Fall.

During the school year I was an occasional substitute teacher at Madisonville CISD. It is a great school which makes being a substitute a pleasure instead of a chore. Jr. High is my favorite age to sub for.

During the school year Bill taught a Sunday School lesson at the church we attend as well as a Bible Study at a local half-way house. He is off for the summer and is now a volunteer chaplain at a local TDCJ prison unit. He did that in the late 90's, teaching a Bible Study on Death Row in Huntsville. Since he has retired from the pastoral ministry, he serves as Pulpit Supply and teaches. He continues to study as he always did.

Sadly, we said good-by to our dog Hans today. He is moving on to a new home and a new herd of goats to guard. Three outside dogs were a bit much for me and he will be happy to be back at work I have to say Hans is the sweetest, kindest, most loving dog you can imagine. I'll miss him as will Sam and Savannah, the Australian Shepherds. I gave him a little going-away party with fresh ribs for all three dogs. Sam and Savannah chewed on theirs for a long time and still have the bone left. Hans chomped several times and his disappeared. Here he is enjoying the treat.

You must know how much Bill Fitzhenry loves his Wheaten Terrier, our inside dog.....standing in 100 degree heat - after working in the garden - to give him a bath. What a great little dog Macgyver is. We have to keep his hair cut short because he gets so dirty when he goes outside. Best recommendation for a Wheaten Terrier -THEY DO NOT SHED!!!



This has been a “normal” busy week at our house. On Sunday Bill preached at Pearland, about a 2 hr drive from here. Patrick invited us to come in to Katy on Saturday for a cook-out, spend the night, and go to church with us on Sunday. Friends Bobby and Janie Nelson were there and we greatly enjoyed the visit and Ryan’s cooking.

On Monday, a farmer from Franklin came to take our Pyrenees, Hans to be his goat-guard-dog. Remarkably, the yard configuration changed with only 2 outside dogs. Hans is just too big for a yard dog. We’ll miss him, but he’ll love his new job. With 100+ weather it is truly “dog days”.

My special Barbers Hill school friends (Janyce, Glenda, Carolyn) and I have decided to have a weekly “Friends Day Out”. We left early on Wed. morning and spent the day in Navasota. Lots of shops and friendly people. Next week we are going to Brookwood Community in Brookshire. Last week we drove to Franklin, Hearne and surrounding area.

On Wednesdays Bill goes to the TDCJ Ferguson Unit at Midway as a volunteer chaplain. They are planning a new Bible Study for “segregated” inmates who can only be out of their cells 1 hour each day. Since that restriction means they can’t attend church or Bible Studies, the warden wants them to have Bible exposure. It is an established fact that any Christian training in prison has a great affect on recidivism (returning to prison) after release. The only part that bothers Bill is when he has to wear a Kevlar vest which he says is HOT. As you would expect inmates go to segregation as punishment for breaking the rules.

Ryan came yesterday to stay until Sunday. We will be going to church in Houston so he’ll ride with us and go home from there. Ryan is our oldest grandson. Bill’s brother Raymond is coming from Giddings tomorrow for a visit.

Country Cafe in Navasota